About Space to Breathe

Space to Breathe exists to provide motivational training, resources and support to help develop individuals, teams and groups with a particular emphasis on spirituality and life values for ordinary non-religious people. Space to Breathe operates in the community, in schools, in churches and in the workplace. Read More

What can Space to Breathe do for you?

  • Web:Space

    Space to Breathe believes in the power of engaging, useful and inspiration content for websites.

  • Work:Space

    We provide simple effective training to build employee’s well-being and to provide tools based in spirituality and identity which grow teams

  • Life:Space

    Space to Breathe explores how spirituality can help people make the most of life in Schools, Communities and their daily lives.

  • Spirit:Space

    Space to Breathe brings practical experience & insight to different faith settings through an inquisitive spirituality & practical approach.