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Space to Breathe was pioneered by Andy Freeman; speaker, writer,  pioneer and father of 5 from Sheffield,  UK.

Space to Breathe is the latest of a number of ventures Andy has been involved in developing, all of which have focused around spirituality.

After being educated in Surrey, Andy spent 7 years working in procurement with the Crown Agents, who worked ostensibly with the UK Governments Overseas Aid programme.  Over 7 years, Andy developed experience in purchasing, project management and logistical support for projects in varied locations as Bosnia, Kenya and Pakistan.

After leaving Crown Agents, Andy developed a career in Youth and Schools work, developing initiatives with excluded pupils, after school activities and community work through his posts at St. Paul’s Church Salisbury and Greyfriars Church in Reading.

In 2001, after beginning to work with 24-7 Prayer, a movement seeking to promote engagement with prayer and spirituality, Andy pioneered the first 24-7 Boiler Room, an urban monastery which practiced prayer, social engagement and creative arts all aimed at helping to reach the broken, needy and seeking in Reading.

The project made waves locally, securing Government grant funding and local media interest.

It also had repercussions globally, with many other 24-7 Boiler Rooms now in existence round the world, and a book ‘Punk Monk: New Monasticism and the Ancient Art of Breathing’, written by Andy & Pete Greig and published in 2005.

Andy is now pioneering again in Sheffield, exploring what spirituality means in community, on the web, in the workplace and in the pub and coffee shop.  Andy started Space to Breathe in 2009, with a passion to unlock the treasures of Christian spirituality within the workplace, local communities and schools and with faith groups.  This work has become a central plank of his life and a passion for the future.

Andy is a keen cricketer, loves movies, books, the arts and music of all sorts.  He enjoys  open spaces, good food and drink and good company.  His ideal day is time with his family, exercise, beautiful surrounding and a wonderful meal.

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