A few months ago I joined the world of copywriters to add another string to the bow of Space to Breathe.

Since then, being a copywriter has been a growing part of my working life and that of this freelance work.  I’ve always enjoyed writing about a variety of subjects but a writer is only as good as the people who’ll receive his work and give space for expression.

Copify ( has been a great way for me to explore a variety of writing subjects, to get paid and get my work out in the wider world.  I joined the Copify community a few months ago.  I submitted a profile and gave in a few pieces of sample writing.  Then when my profile was approved I started writing through bidding for pieces of work that became available.

Since starting this has meant writing:

* reviews of software
* descriptions for furniture and consumer items
* writing gig reviews
* discussing technology advances
* writing about politics and current affairs.

Copify works on a simple format.  Clients post jobs, writers submit copy for them and then clients pay for the work if all is well.  Each piece of writing is given a simple and clear brief and then it’s all about substance, creativity and often brevity if the word count is small.

You can find out more about being a Copify copywriter at  I’d recommend it highly.  It’s been fun, stimulating and provides a useful source of income as I try to develop a business.

If you love to write, why not get involved, or message me and I can tell you a bit more about it.

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