Discovering Aradhna

This week I was introduced to the wonderful music of Aradhna.  Their music fuses Jesus and Christian spirituality with the language, culture and spirituality of different traditions and cultures – particularly in Indian culture.  It creates a beautiful fusion of thought and image and has impacted me as deeply as anything recent I’ve heard.

I particularly loved Asato Ma which you can follow the link to for it’s video.

Translated the lyrics mean:

Lead me from untruth to truth

Lead me from darkness to light

Lead me from the final death to fullness in immortality

Without you I am incomplete

Grant me the gift of seeing you

They are adapted from an ancient Gujarati Indian prayer and then adapted to bring in the names of Jesus as spoken in different cultures e.g. Isu, his name in Gujarat, India.

The band write “This is a song for peace.We think of the history of the world and all the suffering that has come about because of religious differences and we use these different names as a statement and invitation for all peoples to say this prayer with India and with us.”

Check it out and have a look for others online here.

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