Forest of Junipers

One of my favourite Franciscan characters is Brother Juniper, possibly the most generous monk to walk the earth.

Juniper had a unique ability to give things away – money, food, even the clothes from his back.  He was known as a “fool for Christ” which maybe because I guess he would often walk home naked having giving his tunic away once again.

Eventually Juniper was called to task by his Abbot and told in no uncertain terms to not give away his clothes again.  But that day legend tells us Juniper was approached by a beggar needing clothes.  Juniper agonised then said.

“My superior has told me under obedience not to give my clothing to anyone.  But if you pull it off my back, I will certainly not prevent you.”

Francis joked that he would like a whole Forest of Junipers.

What will you do to be generous today?



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