Pray Freedom with CSW

Am looking forward to joining Christian Solidarity Worldwide for their Pursue Justice conference on Saturday 23td April to lead a seminar entitled ‘Pray Freedom.’

My task will be to inspire creative reflections, prayers and actions for the millions of people of all faiths who are persecuted for what they believe.

Freedom of religious belief is enshrined in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Despite this, people are singled out because of faith around the world.  For example it’s estimated that there are 131 countries where Muslims are persecuted including cases here in the UK.  The Vatican recently estimated 100,000 Christians die each year around the world because of their faith.

I’ll be creating a 45 seminar which asks people to creatively engage in six ways:

  • Respond
  • Reflect
  • Report
  • Remind
  • Rhythms
  • React

I’ll post the notes here next week but here’s a couple of photo’s to give you a flavour.

Praying for those oppressed by the powerful


Praying for some of the many nations where persecution takes place, using familiar symbols and nagging reminders


You can find out more about the conference at CSW’s website or twitter or with the attached flyer


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