Content as a plan

Last week I spent some time going over a familiar article from Johnny Holland which sets out the 4 Web project problems that content strategy can solve.

This is a great little article to introduce the practicalities of content strategy …. and it’s necessary because so often we can create disciplines which are self indulgent – that mean lots to us and nothing to anyone else.

Biggest of all is Johnny’s clarity on the issue of ‘Great ideas, no content’. The web is a world of ideas. Hang out in any web development company or setting and you’ll be overwhelmed with good ideas. But what about the content. Websites need more than latin script to fill the space. Furthemore the pages you create need to actually meet a need. You want a section on vision and values? Why?

Johnny argues “Think hard about whether the pages you include on your site map contribute to meeting user and business goals. One way is to create a core purpose statement that guides your content choices.”

This is a great introductory article. Give it a look if that’s what you’re seeking out.

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