The Silence Challenge starting today

As part of Space to Breathe’s relaunch we’ve been inviting people to join us in spending 5 minutes in silence every day for one month and seeing what happens.

This experiment isn’t really rocket-science – people of every type of spirituality have engaged in the practice of silence for most of the last two millennia.  But we do hope this experiment might be life changing.  We are so rushed, so driven, so ‘full’ in our 21st century lives that a little space might prove transformative.

Our Silence Challenge is for everyone – whether spiritual or not, whether you’ve tried this before or never.  Would you join us?

  • Would you commit to spending five minutes in silence today, and each day for one month?
  • Would you be willing to see what happens as you do?
  • Would you tweet about it using #silencechallenge and or connecting with @space2breathe?

If you’d like to, you can download 5 minutes of silence as an MP3 thanks to our friends at the Maybe Community

Lets see if a little silence can change our world.


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