Over the next few month our work here at Space to Breathe is going to focus on the concept on interdependence.

Many of the great faiths and many of their most influential figures share a desire to build bridges and to cross boundaries to connect with others. Francis of Assisi crossed battle lines in the Crusades to meet with al-Kamil,the Sultan of Egypt. Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem to help a broken and divided city rebuild their walls and rediscover their Jewish roots. Gandhi sort to unite a divided nation to a common cause.

“Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency. Man is a social being” Mahatma Gandhi.

For many reasons our struggles to understand each other at receiving high profile right now.  Whether it be violence, political unrest or social division, many are discussing why and how we’ve become so disconnected. Throughout our history, spirituality has been one way people have sought to overcome these dividing walls.

When people talk to me about spirituality they often discuss the soul.  This concept is often confused and confusing but it’s origins in Judaism came from a joke … the Jewish word Nephesh or Neck.  The Soul is about connection.  Just as the neck connects the head and brain to the body, so the soul brings connection between that which can be divided.  Spirituality talks the talk of interdependence.  Over the coming months we’d like to work with you to walk the walk too.

Starting next Monday, we’d like to declare our own Interdependence Day on 4th July and in the coming months suggest activities and ideas which can bring us together and enable us to cross boundaries – whether in our work-life, in our communities, in our schools and in our nations.

To connect with what we’re planning sign up to our mailing list and keep checking our social media.  Watch for the #interdependence hashtag on Twitter.  Most of all be inspired to connect with others who are different from you and think differently to you.  In these small ways the world will change.



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