Four steps of Interdependence for July 4th

Earlier this week we set out how we’d like to make ‘interdependence’ our focus in the coming months.  As so many people are questioning just how well or how little we know each other we felt it was time to emphasise again how we can’t do without our fellow human beings – whatever creed or culture.

So to kick all this off we’d like to have our own little Interdependence Day on Monday 4th July and we’d like to invite you to join in with four small steps that we’re going to take to reach out to others on that day.

Step One – Tell a story.

Why not use your social media or blog to tell the story of someone who impacts your life from a different culture or country.  Just tell it how it is and what they bring to you.  Use the hashtag #interdependence so we can keep track of them all.

Step Two – Make a Pie.

Why not cook up a traditional Apple Pie and either invite some neighbours to come and eat it with you or take it round to a neighbour who you don’t know so well.  Offer it as a gift of interdependence.  There are many good recipe sites for a traditional American Apple Pie but here’s one from BBC Good Food.

Step Three – Cross a Boundary.

Make one step that crosses over a boundary that exists between you and someone else.  This may be a phone call to an old friend you’ve lost touch with.  It might be a walk to a colleague’s desk who you don’t get on with too well.  Maybe it’s a step into a different culture. Maybe it’s chatting on the bus or train to someone.  Possibly it’s a step of forgiveness or reconciliation.  Just take one step.

Step Four – Make a pledge.

Over the next few month’s Space to Breathe is going to look to focus it’s work on how we need each other.  Would you like to join in?  Maybe there’s something else you can gently pledge to do over the coming months.  What would happen if we all decided to live as though we needed each other?

These four simple steps are going to make the start of our focus on interdependence.  If you’d like why not join us but that’s not really the point or focus – whatever way you want to lets try and reverse the tide and begin to build bridges with people around us.  It may feel like a very small step Lao Tzu reminds us “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


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