What sort of year have you had?

Driving back home today I listened intently to a very simple poll on a major national radio station.  The presenter had asked for one word summaries of 2016.  The responses were amazingly bleak.

This time of year can be one for introspection but as we posted yesterday (Christmas Light) this season often gives us prompts for hope, whatever our circumstances.

With this in mind I wanted to offer an opportunity for visitors to respond with their Prayer for 2017.  What would be the prayer you’d make for the coming year?  Maybe an end to conflict, for community relations, for family and friends or maybe a personal prayer.

As a creative way of bringing in the New Year I’d like to collect these prayers between now and the first week of January and then share them with others online throughout January 2017.  Finally on 31 January all the prayers will be printed out and burned as a way of dedicating them, I’ll film it and publish online.  I also promise to pray personally for every situation shared.

To make this work, would you submit a short prayer for 2017 in one of three ways:

  1. By completing the form at the bottom of this article.
  2. By using twitter and using the hashtag #Prayerfor2017 and if possible referencing @space2breathe
  3. By commenting on our Facebook page and again using the hashtag #Prayerfor2017

Let’s do something together to foster hope for this coming year.



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