A ritual of hope

At the end of last year we invited everyone to send us their Prayers for 2017.  We suggested using the month of January to collate them and then some sort of ritual or liturgy to bring them together.

This is what we’ve done with the attached ‘Ritual of Hope’ – a five step way of embarking on a journey of hope as 2017 unwinds.  This is available below to download as PDF and use in any way you want.  Maybe one of the steps might connect with you, maybe all of them.

The ritual is simple and doesn’t involve having any previous or current religious affiliation.  It asks you simply to engage your soul in a journey of hopefulness.  We were struck that for so many people 2016 was a year of deep pain.  This ritual is one way of brewing something different for this current year.  We hope you enjoy it and do let us know what you think.

The five steps in the liturgy are:

  1. Making a thankfulness tree
  2. A hopeful prayer (made up of some of the contributions we received).
  3. An act of resistance (tending an unlikely plant or flower)
  4. Lei Blessings for new things and new people
  5. Happier – A reminder that things can be better.

Download the liturgy below:

A ritual of hope 2017

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