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One of our passions at Space to Breathe is curate content online which is different to the norm.  We call this Web:Space and we believe we’ve got a unique way of viewing the world of digital content.

We’ve been privileged to meet some wonderful people, engage with amazing digital organisations, work with some great clients and to be involved in some projects seeking to bring a different flavour to digital communications.  Our Case Studies section can tell you more about some of those journeys.

It’s with this in mind that we wanted to share three tools which we believe will help any website or digital communications platform to thrive. If you like these are our bread and butter.

The Helping Hand. From the proverbial cup of sugar to the generous lift to work we all need a helping hand once in a while. One of our core values is interdependence and that we need each other. With that in mind we offer FREE quick look consultations for any website or digital platform from a charity or non-profit organisation. Find out more here.

The Spring Clean. Every once in a while all the cupboards need emptying, all the rooms need sorting and a big clean is in order. Our Spring Clean does what is suggests – going through all your web and digital communications and creating an audit of everything that’s there and recommendations to improve and develop. For one website with less that 250 lines of code and three social media platforms this service is available for £350 all in and comes with a detailed report which can be used to move your comms forward. Find out more here.

The Big Project. Sometimes a big project is what’s required – a complete renovation or a new build. Space to Breathe can help with these projects – either accompanying or project managing or contributing a part of your big plan. Find out what we can do here.

The web can be different. Get in touch and we’d love to see what can be created.

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