Interdependence Resource – 30 Actions for 30 Days

During the last few days we’ve been introducing our theme of Interdependence, playing on the 4th July but also making the point that the antidote to all this ‘in’ or ‘out’ or them and us language is a greater recognition that we need each other.

Here at Space to Breathe we’re taking a daily action to make this need for each other practical.  These actions are simple and easy for anyone to do.  They don’t need any religious belief or political persuasion and they’re everyday tasks designed to mean something.  You might say what good does this do … and you’d be right in that 30 days can’t change the world.  But in 30 days we can make a statement.  In 30 days we can mean something and allow ourselves to be changed.  Many belief systems call this prophetic – making a challenging statement or action that moves people towards a future.  Our prophesy is designed to be everyday, practical and lived out.

We need each other.

You can download ‘Interdependence’ here by downloading it below or or by visiting


A sample reflection is below.

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