Space to Breathe at The Gathering

Here at Space to Breathe HQ the excitement is growing.

From October 26-29 The Gathering is taking place in Central Birmingham and Space to Breathe will be there with a stand in the Exhibition Area at the Birmingham International Conference Centre.

The Gathering is a joint conference hosted by 24-7 Prayer and Worship Central.  The event has a list of gifted speakers and leaders but what we’re most excited about is the chance to meet people for whom spirituality and enabling others to meet with God is so central to their story.

Space to Breathe has many roots in my 15 years of working with the 24-7 Prayer movement especially his work with the Boiler Room Network.  As we facilitated spaces for prayer and reflection I was constantly amazed by the people who’d come along who had absolutely no connection with local churches or background in organised religion.  I remember asking one guy why he was there when he had told me he didn’t believe in God.  His response was “Yeah …. that’s a good question.”

Space to Breathe began in mustard seed moments like that.

We exist to provide authentic spiritual solutions to everyday problems.  We are all about releasing the potential of spirituality into everyday life.

In 2003 as part of the Reading Boiler Room project, I worked with a team to host a visit from employees from British Gas (BG Group has a major office in Reading.)  These visitors, some of whom were senior managers at the company, had come along as a cross-cultural experiment to have their imagination and inspiration lit by a different experience.  None of them had encountered anything like our little New Monastic Community in Reading.  Through a mix of practical action and then reflective prayer we led the BG visitors on an afternoon experience that literally blew them away.    This little moment confirmed to me that spirituality had a role to play in the world of business and in the everyday life.

So if you’re coming to the Gathering why not come and say hello. You’ll be able to:

  • Find out more about the work of Space to Breathe.
  • Experience and buy resources from Proost, our online arts and spirituality portal seeking to provide authentic resources for spirituality (full of great things for a 24-7 Prayer Room.)
  • Take part in our 5 minute silence challenge.
  • Chat to Andy and the team and hopefully dream and scheme ways of collaborating together.

The Gathering is taking place in Birmingham UK and some tickets are still available.  Check out 24-7 Prayer for more details. 

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