Shhhh… Monday 26 February 2018

Our next Shhhh… is fast approaching with this month’s theme Wonder.

Shhhh… is all about space – space to contemplate and meditate, to reflect and to pray. This evening will be inclusive to everyone and be particularly relevant for people interested in spirituality but won’t feel religious in language or tone.  Expect some art installations, poetry and prose, ambient music, visuals and creative ways to engage with your spiritual side.

This month our theme is Wonder – the otherness, mystery and beauty of life. Socrates once said that wonder was the beginning of wisdom whilst Einstein concluded that our wondering engagement with beauty and mystery was the place where we can always be child-like.  Wonder is a rich seam for us to explore.

Shhhh… is held at the Printhouse, 21-23 North Church Street in Sheffield S1 2DH and runs from 7.30pm to 9pm.  It follows a simple pattern.

  • The first part of the evening is free for you to explore the space.  They’ll be a number of installations, ambient music and visuals.  You can engage with the different pieces and reflections around the room or just be still in the candlelight.
  • Then just after 8 we’ll spend half an hour together in a guided mediation which will use poetry, meditations, art and music to guide us together on a journey of inner discovery.
  • Then we’ll give 15 minutes to total silence, and then end.

All these activities will be inspired by the Christian tradition but open to all and nothing we do will require any previous religious knowledge or experience.  Basically we’ll get stuck in together and see what happens.

Our first Shhhh… was a great success with people expressing how much they enjoyed the space and content.   A few pictures from the evening are below.

We hope to see you February 26 at 7.30pm.

Candles illuminated the venue

The room was set up with stations all around to provide ways to engage with the theme of Hope.

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