The gifts of spirituality should be freely available to everyone.  That's our belief at Space to Breathe.

Whilst some approaches to spirituality are easy to understand and to practice, it's sad that many roadblocks exist to access the sorts of spiritual practices which have been around for centuries around the world.  These roadblocks aren't deliberate or immovable.  They are often created by language, cultures or assumptions of traditional religious organisations.

Space to Breathe exists to provide motivational training, resources and support to help develop individuals, teams and groups with a particular emphasis on spirituality and life-values for ordinary non-religious people.  Our aim to re-enfranchise everyone, both young and old, in spiritual practice which aids your happiness, well-being and sense of identity.

The vision and ideas for Space to Breathe come from the experience Andy Freeman and his 20 years of working with people to explore and create new imaginative spaces for spiritual life.  Andy has worked with the 24-7 Prayer Movement, the Fresh Expressions movement and the Church Mission Society as well as being a trained Youth Worker.  He is recognised as a pioneer of new ways of expressing the Christian faith and teaches and trains others in this.

Space to Breathe is rooted in Christian spirituality, but looking to untap the hidden, deep identity that is in each person and to release its potential to the full.  Space to Breathe is about concepts that Andy has seen work in practice.  Its vision is where these concepts might benefit others.

  • It’s for people like Will, a lorry driver who visited one of our prayer rooms one day, during a long journey filled with questions about his future life and direction.  As he absent-mindedly wandered round the prayer space he found what he read touched him deeply and he left assured that he could hope for good in what was to come.
  • It’s for people like Faduma, who found spirituality and particularly it’s expression in the creative arts, enabling her to find healing and release from his traumatic upbringing in Somalia.
  • It’s for people like Emily, trying to find a different edge to her thinking in business and in development of her company

Space to Breathe looks to unlock the potential of Christian spirituality in an accessible, non-religious and engaging way.  We work with Christian principles as our foundation, but our services are always tailored to engage with people of no faith or of different faiths.  These products are about the recipients, about tailoring solutions to their needs and providing tools which can help individuals, companies, schools or faith groups to develop.

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