Looking after your data

Here at Space to Breathe we hold some personal data for the purposes of sending out communications or being part of a mailing list.  We will only hold this data if you’ve first given us your consent.  You can also unsubscribe, delete or view your data anytime.

Our policies are in line with the EU’s GDPR legislation 2018.  This ensures:

• We know what data we hold, where it is coming from and where it is going.
• That unambiguous consent is given by those whose data is being held or used.
• That data protection is considered and applied at the outset of new systems and processes.
• That data is held securely and that encryption is used.
• That policies exist for dealing with a data breach.
• That data protection risk assessments are undertaken.
• That where necessary a member of staff is tasked with co-ordinating data protection.

At Space to Breathe we commit to each of these principles and have built responses into the way we work.  If you would like to talk more about personal data please get in contact with us.  We are also happy to share our Data Protection Policy with you if you’d like.  Just get in contact.