Space to Breathe is committed to helping to make local communities better places through authentic spiritual solutions.  

Space to Breathe exists to provide spiritual solutions to everyday problems.  One of our greatest areas of passion and commitment is providing support to local communities to help bring people together from different walks of life and backgrounds.

Building Bridges

Space to Breathe recently released Interdependence, a free resource to help individual’s cross boundaries that divide them from others.  We also do support work to community and faith groups dealing with divided communities or seeking to build relationships with others.  We are passionately supportive of communities which seek to welcome refugees and faith groups which are inclusive.

Space to Breathe can work with local communities…

  • who face challenges and divisions.  We are skilled at bringing people and communities together and are committed to diversity and understanding differences and cultures.
  • who want to work together.  We help communities plan projects together and can facilitate community discussion.
  • we face a crisis.  We are here to bring spiritual and practical tools to help when crisis comes.  Our team was able to help at Grenfell Tower in London in the Summer of 2017 and is available to serve people and places that face disaster.

The Arts

We have found the arts as a key tool in creating spaces for people to come together.  Remembering is a community arts space based on William Worden’s four tasks of grieving.  It provides a day for the community to come together and remember those they’ve lost.  Cadence Cries is Andy’s poetry collection and he is able to provide performance evenings and workshops to help people share their emotions through words.

Schools and Educations 

We recognise that a major part of community development takes place through education.

Our team is made up of skilled & experienced communicators who can provide lessons, lectures and teaching in Primary, Secondary, College and University settings.

We work in Schools and Universities bringing out the full contribution that spirituality has to offer in this area

  • In Schools delivering lessons, assemblies, sixth form conferences and life skills courses.  Space to Breathe aims to bring a creative and innovative approach to help bring out the best in the lives of pupils and in the collective life of schools.  Costs are negotiable with individual establishments.
  • In lessons we use the creative arts to help explore and unpack spirituality.  Have a look at our half-day session on experiencing spirituality through the arts for Year 6 students.

space to breathe experiencing spirituality through the arts

We can help

If you’re wanting to work creatively in any area of community relationships and you’d like some help please contact us.  As a Community Interest Company we are committed to giving back into our local communities.

Our rates for community work are negotiable and we are committed to help wherever we can.

So if  you think Space to Breathe can help your community then please do get in contact.