At Space to Breathe we want to resource and encourage everyone who is on any sort of spiritual journey.

Its been long documented that although religious attendance and affiliation in Western settings is decreasing, an interest and openness to spirituality is increasing.  Studies such as Hay and Hunts 2002 Understanding the Spirituality People Who Don’t Go to Church (Church of Scotland) have shown that this openness may well be due to a greater freedom for people to share about spirituality or a genuine increase in interest.

At Space to Breathe we call this type of spirituality “everyday spirituality” and we focus on an experience of something spiritual rather than providing lessons or dogma in how to practice it.

This spirituality is encountering:

  • Wonder in the world around us.
  • A commitment to others and to care for those in need.
  • Spirituality that is ‘making sense’ of the events and details of life.
  • Centred on the soul of each person.
  • Not bound by religion or attendance.
  • Simple in language and practice.

Spirit:Space is the name we give to our work with individuals on these types of journeys and we have created a number of different ways we can help.

  • Proost is our online arts and music label.  We try to provide a space for ‘art with soul’ in any shape or form and promote the work of artists, poets and musicians often not yet in the public eye.  You can find out more about proost at the pages on this site or by visiting www.proost.co.uk.
  • We regularly host a 8 week course in Christian Meditation.  You can find more details here.
  • We host monthly contemplative nights in Sheffield called Shhhh…
  • We provide consultancy, resources and support to Faith Groups.

For more information about what we do contact us at info@spacetobreathe.eu or use the form below.