Case Study: The St Margaret The Queen

In 2013 Andy was asked to embark on a nine-month consultancy journey with the Deanery leaders of the Anglican Church in Streatham Hill, South London.  The project was the large Victorian Church called St. Margaret the Queen and it’s future.

Andy was tasked to work with the Deanery and with parishioners and local leaders to envisage an imaginative future for the site, both making use of the building and land but also creating space for some sort of new local and congregational outworking for the future.

At the end of the project a report was created giving detailed reproach findings and recommendations for the future of the site.  This report was fully costed and agreed by Deanery, Parish and Diocese.

Encouragingly, the report was accepted and the St Margaret plant is well on the way in its transformation into hosting a new monastic community and re-imagining its service to the local area.

David Stephenson, Area Dean said of Andy’s contribution:

“It was great to work with you on the study and to benefit from your wisdom and discernment as we began to look to the future and what it would entail for the vision of a New Monastic Fresh Expression to become reality.”

The Community of St Margaret the Queen is now in its early days but you can find out more at

Proposals for the plant are ongoing but can be found here