Our work with Faith Groups

What is the vision of Space to Breathe for Faith Groups?
Space to Breathe aims to provide help to people of faith, or people seeking spirituality within a faith setting.  We do this through a number of services.  We also offer individually tailored resources, days and services to support faith groups as they develop their own spirituality.


Space to Breathe can provide support to Churches and Faith Groups seeking to innovate through new projects or entrepreneurial start ups.  We can provide feasibility studies, ongoing support to teams and project proposals for new projects or ideas.  For example we recently supported Southwark Diocese develop ideas around a new project in Streatham Hill.

The St Margaret the Queen Case Study


Space to Breathe regularly runs retreats for small groups based over a weekend and in a beautiful countryside setting.  These retreats focus on a theme, explore a variety of spiritual practices and will include a sustained period of silence. These retreats are from £200/person.  New retreats will be advertised on our website and social media.

Training Days

We offer training days either on the following menu or can negotiate delivering specific days meeting your needs.  On day's training costs £200/day plus expenses.  If a two person or more team is required, extra team members come on a negotiated rate.

  • Soul Hunger: Spirituality & A Postmodern Culture

Considering whether 21st Century culture does have a spiritual side and how as churches we can
meet this need.  Looking at spirituality today, innovations in church and mission, challenges for
existing church life and practical ideas and exercises to move forward with.

  • Deep: Contemplative Spirituality in the Life of the Church

An overview of contemplative spiritual disciplines, old and new, with practical exercises and
experiences.  Particularly focus on how these can be used in church life and worship.

These day events are based on existed resources and tried and tested models which I have used whilst leading training over the past few years.

Do get in touch for more details.