Spirituality in the Community

We also offer a course aimed at the local community, and for those who are interested in Christian meditation or who are spiritual seekers.

Space to Breathe offers an 8 week course in Christian Meditation, hold it in a public venue, advertise through local press and evening classes directories and develop a regular and weekly opening for people to explore this type of spirituality.  The opening, taster night would be free, but after that each session would be £5/person.  Max 25 people.

These sessions would appeal to the experienced church go-er or someone trying this for the first time.

Course outline:

* Exploring Christian Meditation (FREE TASTER EVENING)
* The art of contemplation
* Silence and stillness
* Filling the mind and soul
* Words of comfort
* Icon and Image
* Sensory prayers
* Everyday icons

Each session would guarantee practical experiences and space to find peace through guided activities.  There would be a creative approach, use of contemporary music and striking visuals.  Lastly each session would have things to take away and use.  The course would major in Christian meditation but no previous church experience would be required.

If you’d like us to help you please get in touch with us.