In the workplace, our aim is to provide different thinking.  If you are someone seeking an edge for your team, your company or for your own work, we believe we can help.

Space to Breathe exists to provide spiritual solutions to everyday problems.  Given that many of us spend a lot of time at work, it always made sense for us to have a connection to business.  However, our work took off when we worked with BG Group in Reading and discovered that spirituality had a lot to give to the imagination of the business world and to the wellbeing of employees.

Since the 1990’s “Workplace Spirituality” has grown in influence.  In 2005 Business Week ran a front-page article on the rise of the movement.  Seeking new ways to spark creativity, firms are “trying to motivate employees and create a strong identity or soul” they reported.   Workplace Spirituality takes many forms.  Boeing managers have listened to poetry as part of their creativity drive.  Lotus established a soul committee to review values.  Companies like Proctor & Gamble and BASF invest in mindfulness classes to help employees.  New organisations like Azzur have developed with the aim of providing spiritual support to UK business.

Using the Christian story as a primary source but also working with stories from all faiths, Space to Breathe seeks to build on this growing trend and aims to unlock the spiritual traditions as a source of imagination, inspiration and resource for workplaces.

We offer a variety of different training packages but always seek to develop an ISP (Identity, Spirituality and Purpose.  With each setting, we work in we aim to:

  • Enhance a person’s sense of worth, identity and purpose in an organisation.
  • Expand horizons and provide tools which help personal development.
  • Unlock each person’s potential as a human being and enable them to become more of who they are.

Employee Wellbeing

Price Waterhouse Coopers anticipate that unexpected resignations cost the economy in the UK more than £42Billion/Year.  In a 2008 report employees cited reasons such as feeling undervalued (21%), bad relationships with manged (22%) or being ineffectively led (25%) as major reasons for their departure.  (Source: 2010)

“When we show up for work we bring our emotions, thoughts and beliefs to our workplace.”  (Linda Ferguson)

Reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing can therefore:

  • Reduce time off and resignations.
  • Reduce the cost of cover-staff or hiring new employees.
  • Produce a happier and more contented workforce.
  • Create a healthier working environment.
  • Lead to better results and effectiveness.

Space to Breathe provides constructive support to companies to boost employee wellbeing and value as well as working with business leaders to help them empower and develop their employees    We call this package Equilibrium.

Creative tools for imagination

Founder Andy Freeman our our experienced team have a long history of being an innovators and pioneers of new ideas.  Central to that experience  has been spiritual tools which enable fresh imagination and thought when it comes to business strategy.

All of our team can provide consultancy to support new projects or imaginative planning and can provide companies with resources which meet their needs.

This support comes at a day rate of £200/day plus expenses and that price includes two creative tools for companies/organisations to use themselves.

Business Retreats

We create two spaces each year in a beautiful setting for a two-day retreat for people involved in business leadership.

You can find out more and reserve a place here.

Training Days

We offer a variety of different training days which can be adapted and suited to your needs.  Each day includes preparation work, the day itself and then active follow up and support.  Each session has the potential to be followed up by a bespoke plan for specific context.  Two examples are below.

The Soul of an Organisation

This one day plenary session is or a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 30.  By the end of this day those present will have a better sense of their individual identity and their own unique purpose within their organisation. Does a business have a corporate soul and how can this be articulated?  This day will help crystallise the vision of an organisation but express it in a deep and connected way just a soul provides depth and meaning for an individual.

Francis of Assisi and a model of relating.

This imaginative day course uses the work of St Francis of Assisi as an inspiration and model of how we relate to clients.  Francis broke convention with his model of care amongst people rather than from a difference.  He regularly crossed boundaries of ethnicity, religion, war or illness to provide a face to face way of living with others.  He believed in an interdependence with people, ainimals and our world.  This course is open to all and provides a creative way of re-imagining the relationship we have to clients, suppliers and partners.

Pricing for both the above courses is £250 plus £25/person charge for prep and follow up.

e.g.  A day course for 15 people with pre and post questionnaire plus resources & follow up meeting would cost £625.00 all in,

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