Inspirational emails

Space to Breathe regularly provides simple inspiration to organisations with weekly emails giving food for thought and prompting fresh imagination at the start of each week. For example Space to Breathe has provided weekly emails to the businesses and sole traders working in the Loft co-working space in the city since September 2017 (see below for an example). 

"I like Space to Breathe's weekly emails because they are interesting and relevant and take my thinking outside of the norm.  I really look forward to my Monday inspiration." Jo from The Loft

We can provide a weekly inspiration email with a story, image and creative tool on a weekly basis for £50 per email per week for organisations of 50 people or less. 

For larger organisations we can negotiate an appropriate rate. 

We can also offer a free sample emails to a max of 10 staff as a test of whether our service would be appropriate to your organisation.

If you're interested in hearing more get in contact with us using the form below