“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. It goes on”

Robert Frost (poet)

What we say matters.  It expresses who we are, what our values are, what matters to us.

You may think why connect this with spirituality and life values?  To me, writing and conveying your message, whether online or in printed material makes a statement about who we are and what our values are.  It matters, it speaks of our soul.  So Space to Breathe cares about words and about content and about trying to enhance and amplify so they speak to others.

We hope we can help you.

Content Strategy Services 

No website can exist on design alone.  Although our eyes may be drawn to beautiful design features, the reality is that content makes a website effective.  Every web user has a task in mind when they come online but does your content fit the bill when they find it?  Can you meet their needs as users and can you share your message in the process?  Writing online has it’s pitfalls as well as it’s opportunities.  Space to Breathe’s Content Strategy services can guide you through and help you make the most of your presence on the web.

We offer three specific content related products:

The Helping Hand is a free quick look service.

The Spring Clean is a content audit and recommendations service.

The Big Project is for content driven redesigning or building of websites.

Do explore these three features and our case studies of projects we’ve completed.

You can read about our approach to content strategy and the archive our of content related blog posts below.

Curating a Strategy for Content – our approach

We can also offer a number of bespoke options for you and your business.

Training and instruction

  • Run a seminar or workshop for your team to help shape a plan for the content on your site.
  • Run workshops prior to a re-design to consider your priorities and plans for your website.
  • One-off training on how to make content work on your website.

Content review and audit

  • Provide a detailed content audit for a website prior to re-design.
  • Consultancy to help make the most of your site including training, writing style guides and social media integration.
  • Reviewing your site and making recommendations for a re-design or to make the most of what you have.
  • Running feedback and questionnaires to find our what your users want.
  • Consultancy relationships with websites to build a culture of good content.

Check out our blog for more ideas and thoughts on issues such as content & design, writing from the heart and many other articles.  Follow us @space2breathe.