Case Studies

Space to Breathe works with clients and partner agencies to curate different and dynamic content and communications across the different forms of digital & social media.

Fresh Expressions 

From December 2016, Space to Breathe has worked with the Fresh Expressions movement to develop their communications.   This has been an extensive project which has included:

  • A complete rebrand of the movement (see above).
  • Organisation of hosting, SSL and email platforms.
  • Completion of communications strategy and implementation with the team.
  • Writing content for web and developing their social media.
  • The launch of a Free App which helps the movement communicate.  See
  • The launch of a new website on a WordPress platform.  In the first three months of use this website gained 14000 visits/per month and rising.

The team fed back:

As the National Fresh Expressions Team we have been working with Space to Breathe since January 2017 and have found them to be an excellent company to enable us to pursue our strategic objectives. Space to Breathe has been central in helping us reshape the way we communicate, the messages we communicate and the culture within which we communicate. Our current focus is on how to release and resource a network as it shapes into a movement: Space to Breathe completely understand our intended trajectory and have been critical in helping us move ahead. Our experience is that they deliver the quality we are looking for in the agreed time frame and with great “can do” attitude.
You can see the site at

Emmaus Road 

In 2015 we conducted a Content Review of the website of this emerging faith community linked to the 24-7 Prayer movement. Emmaus Road were planning to completely redevelopment their presence online to respond to their growing community and local activities.  Space to Breathe audited their website and provided a detailed report with a series of proposals about making the most of what they did and how they wanted to communicate in the future. Emmaus Road then used this report as part of their brief to a web development to renew their website. The results were an attractive, user-centred and effective website communicating to their varied audience.

The team wrote:

“Thank you so much for assisting us with this, it’s really great and we can’t wait to share the new web concepts with you shortly.”


Winchester Churches Together 

Andy and Space to Breathe worked with the Winchester Churches Together for one year developing all areas of their communications.  This involved developing a WordPress-based website from scratch, developing social media, developing branding & look/feel, writing and curating content and creating platforms for other forms of communications.  This project is drawing to a close but has seen a successful website and presence locally develop.

Nigel from Winchester Churches Together said:

“You have been so helpful in developing a superb site & comms strategy.  Your creative & technical expertise has shone through as well as your ability to relate well to the different people involved.  We’re thrilled with the results – thank you..”



Home Consultancy

We worked with Tim Hewitt and his passion for Coffee to give some content analysis and advice as he launched his new business and website.  This process involved meeting with Tim and hearing his ideas, studying his website and giving him practical advice (headers/links/SEO) and tips and techniques to further sharpen his content.  We fed this back in a detailed report.   Tim fed back to us later:

“ Most people can have a good idea, some people can think strategically but what Andy is really good at is getting through all the stuff that gets in the way. Helping create a clear message and simplifying the way it’s communicated is what helped me, not only build a better website but lay foundations in my own thinking that mean i have a clearer focus on my purpose.  Ideas people often get caught up in the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. We need a person like Andy to help us stop, breathe and move on in a more measured way that is both energising and encouraging.Andy takes time to understand, has an eye for detail and is down to earth. Whether you feel stuck in a rut, need a fresh pair of eyes or don’t know whats next, i’d recommend Space to Breathe.”